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Depressed? (Again?)

Me right now:
Argues with dad and grandma - feels like crying, suddenly becomes convinced they don’t like me

Talks to boyfriend for less than an hour- feels like crying (pathetic), and falls asleep cuddling with a pillow (his pillow)

Feels sick for a few days- wants to curl into a ball, cry, and not do anything

Teacher assigns big project- feels like crying, wants to smash my cromebook

Wakes up- feels like crying, wants to skip school (won’t though)

Something’s not right… summer needs to get here so I can get away from school and spend my time with Ed and Nana (if everyone ends up leaving with my grandparents as they planned). I hate school and I hate the person I become because of it.

Does anyone else get the feeling that the person they’re talking to is talking to someone else so you find a way to end the conversation in order to stop distracting them from the other person… I do that a lot

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