I felt happy and hopeful for whatever reason, now I feel sad and hopeless. I just keep digging myself a deeper hole. That dream really said something about me.

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You’ll meet a nice girl and take her on a date. She’ll be beautiful and you’ll make her feel that way. Being the amazing person that you are, you’ll win her heart. You’ll open doors for her and hold her hand. You’ll fall in love. She’ll be everything you ever dreamed of. I’ll be sad and I’ll feel envy, but I don’t care as long as you’re happy.

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I’ve realized over time that I can go days, even weeks without being with you, but I cannot go a single day without having you cross my mind. I cannot go a single day without my heart picking up pace and my cheeks burning from blushing just from a random flashback of what we used to be. I find myself living in my daydreams more than living in reality. I find myself thinking of you all the time. I’ve realized that it’s not me consciously thinking of you that hurts the most, but the random memories that come out of no where, those are the ones that hurt the most. When I think about the last time I saw you while we were still dating, when you hugged me in front of my whole family and whispered in my ear about how much you wanted to kiss me, about all those sweet love letters you wrote me, about it all. I miss it all, but most of all, I miss you. I’ve become addicted to the way my heart speeds up in your presence, even if your presence is only in my mind.

— Mikaela Renee, Addicted to Your Presence  (via nostalgiclover-pensiveperson)

Pretty pathetic, but true.


Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers / Last Dance With Mary Jane

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